Why Renters R Us?

RentersRus.com is the best way to fill your vacancies!!!

Customer Service Experience:

RentersRus.com is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry.

Managed Profiles:

Don’t waste time on updating your properties profile; RentersRus.com will do it for you. We routinely follow up with properties to update profile information.

No Distractive advertising:

RentersRus.com only provides property profile information. Our searches are clear and easy with no distractions or flashy advertising.

Many forms of Advertising:

Newspapers, magazines, Internet, radio, flyer's, email, bulk mail, mall displays, mobile advertisements, and more.

Top ranking on all major Search Engines:

RentersRus.com comes up in top placement for key words on over 250+ search engines. Ex. Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN

1 Click starts your search:

No wasted time trying to figure out how to see the properties information or find a specific property. Search by City, Zip, Price, # of Bedroom and more!

Large Photo and Floor Plan Resolutions:

Renters love the clear additional images and well laid out floor plans posted on the site. We also give you the opportunity to show case any aspect of your property. In the past month- RentersRus.com had over 250,000+ hits to its web site.

Low Cost Listing:

RentersRus.com covers all costs to set up and maintain your online profile.

Reasons not to advertise…

You have been at 100% occupancy for the past year?

RentersRus.com is a free rental search site that offers a variety of rentals. Search thousands of Apartments, houses, duplex and condos in seconds.
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